Virginia's Mediation Made Easy


Specializing in Divorce, Settlement, Custody, and Visitation Mediated Agreements

Virginia's Mediation Made Easy


Mediation Made Easy's outstanding interactive workshop series are designed to educate individuals in small group to large group settings about how to successfully navigate the challenges of divorce, relationships, communication, and action planning.

The Fundamentals of Communicating With Those You Love:

This workshop is interactive. Topics covered: Communication styles, issues/wants/needs, consensus building, accountability, misconceptions & miscommunication, and love language.


Stepping: Step-Parenting Workshop:

This workshop is interactive. Topics covered: Top ten common issues step-parents encounter, communication styles, love language, separate but equal, one team – one front, and building the plan.


Raising Children in Divorced Families:

This workshop is interactive. Topics covered: The divorce- honeymoon, exploring emotions, communicating after divorce, seeking/extending kindness, identifying issues, building a plan, and monitoring agreements.


Mediating Agreements:

This workshop is interactive. Topics covered: Building a balanced environment, the honest-broker, reading body language, engaged listening, identifying positions, converging on agreement, and seeking commitment.


State of the Union – Relationship Repair:

This workshop is interactive. Topics covered: Family structure, courtship, marriage participation, common interests and personal space, communication, love language, finances, emotions, intimacy, growth, expectations, progress, insecurities, hopes, changing beliefs, and intellectual fulfillment.


Custom-Designed Engagements:

Our experienced facilitators gather client workshop needs and expectations, construct an interactive and results-oriented workshop, and professionally deliver your custom designed engagement and end-result products.

 2-Hours, 10 person min. $40/person*

1/2-Day, 10 person min. $65/person*

Full-Day, 10 person min. $85/person*

All prices include materials, handouts, and participant worksheets. More details here.

* Client provided meeting space

 Our past-performance includes 24-years’ experience with:

  • Strategic planning (from mission development to implementation and communication plans)
  • Action planning
  • Team building
  • Process improvement
  • Leadership building
  • Engaging for success
  • Facilitation: train-the-trainer