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Relationships: State of the Union


Mediation Made Easy offers a unique approach to mediation that is specifically designed to help couples identify relationship stoppers and stallers, develop strategies for working through difficult issues, and strengthens relationship health. Similar to improving physical health, mediating solutions for a healthier relationship can be developed to greater levels of fitness and resilience. 

When we go to a gym, we don’t spend time on why we can’t lift a 150lb weight – we concentrate on what needs to be done to accomplish our goal. Similarly, with mediating relationship “check-ups,” we don’t spend time on who said what and what was done in the past, we isolate and repair. Mediating relationship check-ups provides our clients with the tools and a face-to-face process, in a safe, non-threatening setting, to recognize sources of tension and arrive at a mutually agreeable path of restoration.


The premise:

Relationship distress doesn't come out of nowhere. For many of our clients, life gets up-and-running and we soon stop feeding and paying attention to the health of the relationships we have with those closest to us… until it starts to hurt. Like all systems within our body, our relationships require attention in order to thrive. Although relationship science has shown that relationship health is as real as mental and physical health (and relationship health has powerful effects on our mental and physical health as well as the health and welfare of our children), relationship healthcare remains decades behind dental and physical healthcare. Participating in a relationship check-up is one of the smartest things you can do to care and maintain what matters most to you.


Why taking the pulse of your relationship bond is important:

In a healthy marriage with respect and love, your spouse is your best friend. She is the one with whom you can discuss anything and everything. He is your safe person. Your partner knows you better than anyone else. You live under the same roof, share the same room, share the good times, and share the bad times. Mediating a relationship check-up allows you to be on the same page and work toward common, mutually agreed to goals. It clarifies the lines of communication for understanding each other’s perspective in terms of finances, emotions, intimacy, growth, expectations, progress, insecurities, hopes, changing beliefs, and intellectual fulfillment.


The cost of not paying attention:

The ultimate cost is a total loss, leaving quite a few injured people in its wake, left to pay the price and ride the wave. Individuals who feel their relationships are in trouble often wait years before seeking change, therapy, or treatment; an act that typically makes the problem worse than it needed to be. In many cases, couples in distress simply get divorced when they feel their marriage has been damaged beyond repair. Other effects are hopelessness, despair, avoidance, disinterest, and distance. Life can become an unnecessary struggle and clouded by unhappiness. It doesn’t have to be that way. Mediating a relationship check-up and devising a plan of action doesn’t guarantee a perfect return on investment, but it does guarantee an increased probability of happiness and success. Doesn’t that relationship deserve a chance? 


It Doesn't Have To Be This Way ... 
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