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at-home mediation services

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."
- Arthur Ashe

Mediation Made Easy understands our clients have jobs, family responsibilities, and life to juggle. We offer evening hours, weekend appointments, and at home services. Let one of our mediators help schedule your mediation during a time that fits your demanding schedule and your lifestyle. 

The Process:
Once our first contact is made, you can expect an information gathering phone call from a mediator to discuss the issues needing to be resolved and what anticipated topics will be brought to the table for discussion. After the topics are scoped, we will help you determine approximately how long we can plan for our time spent together. No two mediations are the same; the time needed to reach mutually agreeable solutions is dependent on the parties involved, readiness for resolution, and how deeply disagreement is rooted. With that said, 98% of our mediations reach resolution in one session.

Please visit our "Mediation Documents" to download a detailed outline of Mediation Made Easy's process and agreements. 

There is no charge for the initial telephone consultation(s) and pre-mediation document review. Full payment by check or cash is due upon arrival at the mediation session. 

Two-Party Mediation Rates:
1/2-Day (0-4 hours)    $695*
Full-Day (4-8 hours)  $1100*

*There is an additional $345 assessment fee per individual brought to a two-party mediation session. The Party bringing additional individuals to a two-party mediation session shall bear the responsibility for paying the above assessment fee. A 24-hours' notice provided to the mediator prior to the mediation session and an additional payment commitment for $345 per individual is required.

Three to Six-Party Mediation Rates:
1/2-Day (0-4 hours)     $1350
Full-Day (4-8 hours)    $2700

24-Hour Cancellation Policy:

We have a 24-hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. If a mediation session appointment is canceled or changed with less than a 24-hours’ notice to the mediator, the Parties shall be assessed a $250.00 cancellation fee collectible within 14-calendar days of the scheduled mediation session.


As of December 2014, Mediation Made Easy no longer accepts credit card payments. Cash or check is due upon arrival to the Mediation session.
Mediation Made Easy Workshop Series:


     2-Hours, 10 person min.

     1/2-Day, 10 person min.

   Full-Day, 10 person min.

All prices include materials, handouts, and participant worksheets. A 50% of the total event cost shall be collected as a deposit at the time the event is scheduled. 50% of the deposit is refundable only when the client cancels or postpones the seminar or workshop with greater than 24-hours notice given to the instructor.

* Client provided meeting space