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Virginia's Mediation Made Easy


Mediation Made Easy offers over 50-years of combined facilitating agreements and relationship building experience. We specialize in writing Property Settlement Agreements (PSAs) for divorce, custody, and visitation mediated agreements, mediating relationship check-ups, as well as successfully mediating co-parenting and step-parenting solutions. Unlike any other mediation company, we offer mediation services that come to you -- this means any time, any day, mediation is available at your doorstep. 


Our philosophy is to make the process uncomplicated, empower the parties, and work diligently and smartly to achieve a mutually acceptable resolution. At Mediation Made Easy, we value collaboration, dignity, safety, balance, and flexibility. In the end, we want you to walk away with knowing you have been heard and were a significant contributor to a fair solution.


Our Workshop Series

Mediation Made Easy offers interactive workshop series that are designed to educate individuals in small group to large group settings about how to successfully navigate the challenges of divorce, relationships, communication, and action planning.

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Call and speak with a mediator for free - 877-587-8802 
Call and speak with a mediator for free - 877-587-8802